VR66 World Cup Experience

Travel back in time and relive the 1966 World Cup Final

The brief

To recreate a realistic and accurate representation of England’s victory over West Germany in the 1966 World Cup Final. The experience would become part of the 50th anniversary celebration exhibits at both The National Football Museum in Manchester and Wembley Stadium in London.

The challenge

To create a historically accurate experience that allows multiple viewers to enjoy the famous match in unison as they listen to the same audio track from a single PA surround system, while still having the freedom to look in any direction they wish.

The solution

The original Wembley stadium was pulled down years ago so we had to use photos, video footage and physical models to 3D model the stadium. We then filmed actors for the crowd in close vicinity using a 360 degree camera rig, a lot of green screen and a local football stadium. Finally we needed to show the match action. We chose to recreate all six goals and have them viewable from a static seated position in the stands before jumping inside an ‘out-of-this-world’ action replay.

Due to a tight four-week turnaround, we built a motion capture system from the ground up using networked computers and multiple Xbox Kinect devices. Each goal was broken down into individual parts with each player involved being numbered and timed to ensure accuracy of movement. The individual movements of all 22 players and the three officials were then acted out and captured.

The experience

Timings needed to be spot on. We created the action replays by placing a virtual camera amongst our animated crowd. The players were placed on the pitch, the crowd in the stadium, the commentary recorded, the ambient stadium sound along with the goal celebrations was recorded and edited – and, like that, we could relive one of football’s greatest moments in the UK. VR66 The final piece flows from the exterior of the stadium, through the concourse and into your seat where all six goals are played out in front of you and 95,000 others.