Absolute Freedom

Harley Davidson Eurofestival 2017

The brief

Every year the French Riviera plays host to thousands of Harley Davidson riders. The Eurofestival is a three-day event which sees individuals from all over the road take to the roads of St Tropez and celebrate the best of being part of “the best motorcycle club in the world”. Archant Dialogue, Harley’s content agency, tasked us with capturing the exhilaration of the event and the stories of just some of the riders who attend.

The challenge

The Eurofestival attracts thousands of bikers from all over Europe. We would have just three days to capture key moments over a hectic schedule that covered at least three different towns across the French coast. We would also be facing the weather – 360 filming can be difficult in the rain – and the challenge of getting shots that would give viewers a real sense of presence, as well as the need to find and talk to, and record, a range of different nationalities who could all speak English.

The solution

We mapped out a plan for each day of the festival, from sunrise to sunset. Using the Nokia OZO as our main camera we went out in search of, and lay in wait for, the perfect shots. We also got inventive with our camera rigs – mounting the OZO on the back of a Harley to film from the viewpoint of a postilion rider, and on the front of a Jeep to capture footage of bikes on the road around us. We had to be flexible – grabbing passers by to interview them without intruding on their enjoyment of the event. Using the Nokia OZO camera allowed us to capture footage in stereo, giving a sense of depth that would make the overall film seem more real when viewed in a VR headset.

The experience

We created a 360° video experience that not only captures the setting and events of the festival, but explores the exhilaration different Harley riders feel when they take to the road. Weaving scenes from the festival in with the stories, told through voiceovers, we captured from the event – celebrating the spirit of the Harley brand and the exhilaration of the open road. Three different riders, one English, one Irish and one French, discuss why riding their Harley is their way of life as the viewer is placed around the event, from the back of the bike in the hills above the coastline to the iconic St Tropez harbour.