Immersive Storytelling.

VR gives you the ability to place viewers right at the heart of your story – creating a powerful and engaging connection that not only invokes an emotive reaction but raises awareness and drives sales too. We help you not just tell your story, but get your audience to experience it for themselves.

Interactive entertainment.

VR – obviously – enables you to enter a whole new world where you can experience ‘the impossible’. We can turn that into entertainment. From VR games to experiential pop-ups, we can build experiences that are pure escapism. And a lot of fun.

Brand Experiences.

A good VR brand experience generates more buzz than any other digital content right now. It’s an exciting, forward-thinking way for you to connect to your audience and give them a real taste of what you stand for. From product demos to educative pieces, we can bring your brand alive – in a whole new reality.

How do we do it?

VR has now surpassed the ‘gimmick’ stage – becoming a meaningful, impactful and useful digital channel in its own right. These are the technologies we use to make the magic happen.

Virtual reality.

A VR experience immerses the viewer within an environment – giving them the ability to move around and interact with the experience. This sense of physical presence enables the viewer to connect more completely with the story being told, experience ‘the impossible’ for themselves and – as a result – inspires true empathy.

From building animated environments to exploring the potential of volumetric video, we can create fully interactive and visually striking VR experiences that can be run on headsets, including the Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, PSVR and Google Cardboard.

360° filmmaking.

360° content places you in the heart of the action, giving you the power to control your point of view within a live-motion video. This feeling of active participation in a story enhances the emotional reaction to a piece – giving it more impact and more influence than 2D content can and creating a much more engaging experience overall.

We use multiple, specially-adapted HD video cameras to film in 360° – including our own Nokia OZO, which enables us to film in stereo. We also custom-build our own rigs and dollies if the need arises. The cameras we use include the 

Nokia OZO, GoPro rigs, Z CAM S1, Ricoh Theta and the Samsung 360.

Augmented Reality.

AR sits halfway between the real world and VR – blending virtual elements with a real environment so users can experience a layer of digital and interactive content within their real world surroundings. Unlike VR, AR doesn’t rely on a headset – making it highly flexible, accessible and useful for pretty much any brand.

We create designated AR apps that allow users to discover a digital world hidden in their surroundings through their smartphones or tablets. Plus we develop content for AR-centric tech, such as the Hololens headset, enabling us to create absorbing ‘mixed reality’ experiences.

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